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Mile High Physical Therapy

Mile High Physical Therapy has moved to the beautiful Lowry community and we now offer fitness training at the highest level with Kinesis.

With over 400 different exercises, Kinesis offers a workout experience that is totally unique and specifically tailored to your needs. Every session involves personalized instruction so everyone advances at their own pace. Kinesis eliminates the boredom of repetition and allows your body the freedom of movement in three dimensions, rather than restricting you to the confines of traditional equipment.

Kinesis is the most innovative system for fitness training and you get a cardiovascular workout and resistance training at the same time.

Dr. Paden Wolfe has served the Denver area since 1994 with Physical Therapy services and now he offers the most innovative workouts ever in Lowry. He is the only Physical Therapist in the Rocky Mountain region to own a Kinesis movement system and he has expanded his practiced to include individual, couples and small group training on Kinesis.